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This is Me

This is Me Hello everyone. I want to introduce myself. My name is Asti saktina purnama, you can call me Asti. i was born in Bandung 29th April 2002. I live in bandung with my family. I went to Pardomuan elementary school, then 44 junior high school in Bandung, and now I’m student in 3 senior high school Bandung. My life is very happy, because my family so amazing and I have many friends, and I have a many of cat.
            In Pardomuan elementary school I have best fiends they are Wulan and April . they are doing crazy things but i love them. I've been in a dance race and become champion 1,me  and my best friend often play on the park. in junior high school, i've had a very embrrasing experrience,that I fell off when I ran away in car free day Dago, and it also becomes a painful experience because it stamped my heart wound.

My hobby is watching television, listening music, play with my cat, reading, play with my friends, eat some food, etc. my routine everyday is listening mus…

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